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  The older you grow up, the more you know that it's not easy to do things, and the more you know that everyone has difficulties, the less you dare to look down on anyone casually, so as not to hurt anyone carelessly. Of course, this is not whitewash, not hypocrisy, but understanding and gentle, gentle and get along with the world.


  Remember, if you don't love, then don't give hope, in fact, for the person you don't like, absolute love is not necessarily a good thing.


  Don't live like a victim, eager to tell everyone your misfortune. Someday you will find that you have to taste the bitterness and bitterness of life by yourself, and live a long life by yourself. What you experience is a story in other people's eyes, and don't tell others everything from heart to heart. Growing up is an isolated and helpless process. You should strive to be strong, and then act alone.


  People cry all their lives, and laughter is learned later. So sadness is a low-level instinct, while happiness is a higher-level ability.


  Don't expect, don't imagine, don't demand, let it be, if destined, it will happen. Peace of mind is the best state of being alive.


  No one leaves you on impulse. You can't see those sad, helpless and enduring tears. What you can see is just the moment when it collapses.


  Some people go by when something goes by. You can't stop drinking because your drinking cup is broken.


  No one cares about what you have lost, no one cares about your unhappiness, the world will not stop for anyone to move forward, sad cry, tired sleep, can not breathe out to eat and drink, the more unloved, the better to love themselves.


  Actually, it is a wonderful thing to live, not because of the beautiful scenery, but because of who I met, who I was warmed up, and then I hope that one day I will become a little sun to warm others.


  You have too much leisure to have time to persist in meaningless things, and then have time to grope for pain. Look at those busy people. Their time is spent on hard work.


  Others give you comfort, but never know the pain in your heart. No matter how many grievances and how painful they are, remember that they are ultimately cured by themselves. There is no empathy in the world, only self-knowledge of the warmth and the cold.


  Women should have the courage to fall in love and get married, to play and not take it seriously, or to be proud of being single. Why use their youth to teach other people's husbands to be so serious?


  Whether a woman really loves you depends on whether she is willing to accompany you when you are hungry or cold; whether a man really loves you depends on whether he still cares for you when he is proud of the spring breeze.


  Eat well, sleep on time; don't complain, cherish good thoughts; stick to what you like to do; feel every detail of life, precipitate, precipitate again, because you want to be a gentle and powerful person.


  Those who tell you three or four fabricated stories behind your back are all for three reasons: they don't reach your level; they don't have what you have; they fail to imitate your way of life.


  Don't pay too much attention to what people say behind your back, because those who are better than you don't bother to mention you at all. Defamation is an expectation in itself.


  In this world, there is no feeling to go back. Even if you really go back, you will find that everything is totally different. The only thing that can go back is the memory in the bottom of my heart. Yes, we can't go back, so we have to go straight ahead.


  Those who praise you face to face are the ones who denigrate you the most; those who scold you face to face are usually the ones who love you the most. Man can't look at his appearance, but his morality is the most terrible; he can't listen to what he says at the moment, and it's the most hateful thing to violate Yin and Yang.

  十九、从现在开始,不沉溺幻想,不庸人自扰,踏实工作,好好生活,做一个接近幸福的人。From now on, do not indulge in fantasy, do not bother others, work steadfastly, live a good life, be a person close to happiness.


  The stars don't ask the passers-by, and time bears no burden on them. Maybe the places we haven't visited are called distant places. People who haven't got them are more unforgettable.